Bris Funny Fest 2019 Sign Up

Bris Funny Fest is an independent, volunteer run comedy festival based in Brisbane, Queensland. Since 2016, we have been helping emerging comedy artists gain experience in producing shows, and partnering with local businesses.

Bris Funny Fest 2019 will run from August 7th to September 1st 2019. If your show plans to run outside of these dates, please email to confirm.

Key Dates

  • May 15th: Last date to start an application. If you don't start an application, then we don't know you want to do a show.
  • June 30th: Last day to finalise your details. If you have any issues, please email Please be advised that we recommend you get your details finalised BEFORE this date ie as early as possible. You should have your venue, dates, poster, ticket link, Facebook group, marketing details (ie blurb), headshots, etc by this date

Please use this form to enter the details of your show. Please enter this information as it becomes available and is confirmed. You will be able to enter in missing details up to a later date.

We'll need the following information to receive your application:

Artist Details. We'll need some information about you, your act and contact details.

Show Details. We'll need some information about your show, including the name of the show and all performance dates.

Venue Details. We'll need the details of the venue if you are not using one of the existing venues.

Marketing Details. We'll require marketing details about your show (eg short and long show description, performer bios) and a summary of how you plan to market and promote your show.

Media Contact Images. We'll need certain types of images for the website and for media releases. You'll need to supply the required images.

Status. Once you've put in your application, you may be contacted by a member of the Bris Funny Fest working group regarding your application if we require further information or need to discuss your show idea.

Important information:

  • $30 application fee per show idea, to be paid by June 7th, 2019. If you have one show idea but with multiple dates, the application fee only needs to be paid once. If you have multiple show ideas across multiple dates, the application fee needs to be paid for every unique show you submit.
  • The Bris Funny Fest team is here to help and offer support. We will also be doing marketing to promote the festival and all shows being run as part of the festival. This may include online promotion and seeking out articles/interviews in online and print media. The majority of marketing for your individual show will rely on you. This can be print marketing (eg posters/flyers), online promotion (social media) or other (in person promotion). If you do not promote your show, you have no guarantee that you will sell tickets.
  • All costs related to the show (eg venue hire, marketing materials, insurance) will be paid by the show runners or show organiser. Please ensure that your ticket price is correct if you intend to reimburse costs.
  • Any questions or queries please raise with Adam O'Sullivan at
  • By filling out this application form, you agree to the Bris Funny Fest team using this information to get in contact with you regarding your show. Your details may also be passed along to media outlets for the purposes of marketing the festival and your show.
  • Bris Funny Fest maintains the right to refuse any show that cannot be marketed by the festival including, but not limited by, shows that are: ill prepared, in poor taste, have incorrect or misleading marketing, or have a disregard for the spirit of the festival. Whilst the BFF working group will take all possible steps to help you put your show together and market it, if we feel that it would be more beneficial for the festival and the show in question to part ways, you will be informed. Once a show has been refused, it cannot be re-entered for that years festival.